How to assess the amount of paint to use?

How to assess the amount of paint to use?

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Are you planning to repaint your interior? Good idea ! However, before rushing to the store to buy your colors and the equipment necessary for the realization of your projects, it is essential to calculate beforehand the amount of paint you will need. Do you know how to do it ? Find more articles on the theme: Painting work quotes

Provide a quantity of paint

First of all, you have to define the surface to be painted. Using a traditional metal meter, measure the length and width of each section of wall, add all the measurements and you will get the perimeter. Multiply this by the ceiling height. Subtract the openings in the room such as doors, windows, any alcoves ... then multiply the figure obtained by the number of layers desired.

The importance of performance

Once you have calculated your surface and you have decided on the number of layers to apply, the ideal being to lay two, we must now look at the yield. This determines the volume that covers a given surface. For example, for a 0.5 liter pot, the yield will be 5 m² or for 5 liters of paint, it will be 50 m². These indications are on each pot and they are approximate. They vary from one painting to another. So to find out how many liters you should buy, calculate the area to be painted, multiply it by the number of coats and divide the whole by the yield.

Some essential information

It is better not to just buy exactly the calculated number of liters, better plan a little more. Indeed, depending on the texture of the support you will need more paint because the wall can absorb a large amount, especially if it is Placo® or glass wool. To avoid this inconvenience, applying an undercoat will be a great idea. The material used is also important. Indeed, with a flat brush you will use more product than with a gun or a roller. And it must be admitted, not being professionals, we often use more product than necessary. Repainting a room can be quick and pleasant when you don't have to stop several times to fill up with paint. In all cases, remember to protect your floors well, prepare your support, the walls must be clean and smooth and have all the equipment on hand.