Video: sew a gathered sleeve on the armhole

Video: sew a gathered sleeve on the armhole

Would you like to create an original garment with gathered sleeves? Jeanne Kolifrat, designer and sewing teacher at "Piquecoud", explains how to sew a gathered sleeve on her armhole to obtain an aesthetic and regular look.

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Make the base of your gathered sleeve

The making of a gathered sleeve begins with the seam of the sleeve. You must first sew the sleeve on the side and prepare a gathered thread. To do this, pass a thread in a slightly large point on the rounded part of the top of the sleeve, joining one mark to the other.

Assemble the bottom of the sleeve

Before devoting yourself to sewing the gathers, first join the sleeve with the armhole. Attention: match the correct sleeve with the correct side, possibly using markers. Once you have matched the sleeve to the armhole, right sides together, turn your work over. Sew pins on the bottom of the sleeve, flat, about 4 or 5 cm.

Assemble the gathered side of the sleeve

Then gather the sleeve by pulling as much as possible on the gathered thread. Take care when working with your sleeve in front of you. Loosen the gathers if necessary, so that it adapts to the armhole. Pin on the side of the sleeve, then do the same on the other side. Be sure to even out the gathers. The back should have slightly more gathers than the front. Do not pin the gathers: you will have to build them before sewing. Thanks to Jeanne Kolifat's explanations, you now know how to sew a sleeve on her armhole. Watch the video Sewing a gathered sleeve on the armhole on Produced by Minute Facile.