Batimat: innovations to discover

Batimat: innovations to discover

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Batimat is the essential trade show for construction professionals with real innovations for the home. After having walked the aisles of the show, I invite you to discover three innovative products soon at home!

Practical protection for work

During renovation works, the protection of surfaces not to be damaged is essential and often a real hassle. It is necessary to cut the tarpaulin to the right size and fix it correctly knowing that during the works, it does not always resist. The solution ? Liquid Polyane which comes in the form of a paint and which can be applied to any non-porous surface. The protection lasts up to 24 months and can be removed like a film, very easily and without streaks. A real revolution!

Always a clean shower screen

Those who invented ShowerGuard glass were probably tired of the bathroom cleaning chore. Installed in the shower, this glass allows you to do away with limescale because the wall is treated specifically so that no impurities can catch on. In addition to being practical, it is an ecological idea because you will use less cleaning products and less rinse water!

Paint to lay like wallpaper

Why choose between the rendering of the paint and the ease of applying the wallpaper when you can afford both? With Corso Magenta solid paint, you will dress your walls with paint without any dirt. Composed of 100% paint, this new generation film is packaged in a roll to make your life easier. Goodbye the painting site where the whole house must be protected!