When toilet paper makes the show

When toilet paper makes the show

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Toilet paper is making its decorative revolution and becoming an accessory like any other. Toilet star, he adorns himself with colors or patterns that bring a touch of originality to this often sad room. And to highlight it, the reels use creativity. When the toilet paper makes the show, the toilets are transformed.

The revival of toilet paper

Before, the possibilities in terms of toilet paper color were quite limited with the choice of white or pink. This was without counting on the Renova brand which has undergone a real transformation in the toilet paper department with the introduction of original colors starting with black. Building on its success, colors are now available and there are also thematic models. Christmas will display a Santa Claus and we can also treat ourselves to a game of Sudoku on toilet paper when we are in the corner. A real revolution that turns toilets into a fun room.

Toilet paper is exposed

To showcase this new toilet paper, brands compete in imagination with original dispensers. We find the PQ-tier which is none other than a tree which accommodates the rolls, tables which transform the rolls into a contemporary work or even funny animal shapes which distribute the paper with humor. And in terms of toilet paper exposure, we don't stop at the dispenser because Chistophe Koziel, the king of trompe l'oeil, has even declined the famous pink rolls in wallpaper!