Bloom your balcony nicely with the advice of Antoine Degueldre

Bloom your balcony nicely with the advice of Antoine Degueldre

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With the arrival of the beautiful days, your balcony has desires to make a little beauty with some flowers and some plants. The problem is that you do not have a green thumb and you do not dare to embark on the adventure of gardening. Don't panic, we have the solution! Today there are plants that require little maintenance, planters that make your life easier, and sites full of advice so you don't go wrong. Antoine Degueldre, creator of J', today gives you his tips and advice for flowering your balcony without spending too much time.

How does your website help city-dwellers in search of greenery to create a beautiful balcony?

We created to make gardening more accessible to all those who are not really comfortable with plants. We therefore offer planters with large water reserves and ensuring perfect distribution of water for optimal watering, a filter system to choose easy and pretty plants suited to your tastes and the situation of your balcony and Finally, we regularly send our budding gardeners specific advice for each plant ordered.

Is it so difficult to have a beautiful flowered balcony?

Good question! We can say that having a beautiful balcony is accessible to all, you just have to choose pretty plants. On the other hand, keeping a beautiful balcony for a long time is actually a little more complicated! This requires choosing plants suited to the exposure of your balcony that will feel good at home, then follow our tips and everything will be fine!

Does it require a lot of maintenance? How do you do when you're running out of time?

We wanted to make gardening accessible to everyone, even the most in a hurry. The plants that we have selected therefore require very little maintenance, similarly our planters with large water reserves will save you as much watering chores. You will be able to see your plants flourish with a minimum of effort, the lack of time is therefore no longer an excuse!

Which plants and flowers should be favored?

As I said, the choice of plants depends above all on the exposure of your balcony but also on the frequency of watering that you think you can devote to it. Once these elements are well defined through the plant selection filters, you just have to choose your favorite plants. Simple, right?

Should we invest in special balcony accessories?

The main thing is the choice of the planter. The one we offer will allow you to store water for several days and thus maintain a good freshness of the soil. Its system of diffusion of water by capillarity will assure you a perfect drainage of the water thus avoiding that the water stagnates and does not rot the roots of your plants. We also recommend that you use mulching solutions to keep your soil moist in summer and prevent your plants from freezing in winter. Here you are equipped!

Any last advice to give?

Get started! Beautiful balconies are not just for others! More info on: //