What are the dimensions of an interior door?

What are the dimensions of an interior door?

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Answer: generally, 2.04 m for 0.63 to 0.93 m, with a thickness of 29 to 40 mm.

The dimension of the interior doors is standardized, only the width of the door tends to vary. Thus, an interior door is generally 2.04 m high and 0.63 m, 0.73 m, 0.83 m or 0.93 m wide. As for the thickness of the interior door, it is between 29 and 40 mm. These are the standard dimensions of the vast majority of interior doors that are commercially available. Some large houses have interior doors with two leaves, which is ideal for passing large furniture. Typically, the first leaf is 73 or 93 cm wide, while the second leaf is 33 or 73 cm wide. There are also non-standard doors, the dimensions of which you can determine using a meter

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