Decorate your water heater

Decorate your water heater

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Hide this water heater that you cannot see ... If the water heater is an essential device to enjoy absolute comfort, it does not fall - far from it - in the category of decorative elements more glamorous ... It is even a little too imposing and a little too ... ugly. Fortunately, there are solutions to decorate your water heater and make it a real aesthetic ally, whether in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Water heater curtain

Hiding your water heater behind a curtain can only be a clever decorative solution if you opt for a decorative curtain. We forget the plastic printed with dolphins if we do not want to give your bathroom or shower a little kitsch look, even frankly old-fashioned. On the other hand, you can install a pretty ultra colored rod to hang a curtain in the air of the times in colors perfectly harmonized with that of the bathroom. Your wellness area has a natural look where taupe and beige are omnipresent? In this case, opt for a red curtain and a chocolate rod to wake up the whole with a vibrant tip or, more moderately, for an anise green curtain and a white or sand rod: a decorative idea in trendy natural colors. Thus hidden, the water heater will be forgotten. It's up to everyone to choose a fastening system to their liking: large multi-colored rings, ruflette, legs or noodles… It is of course better to opt for a curtain that supports moisture and steam without flinching. But a net on which you can fix marine objects, oh so symbolic, will hide the water heater by bringing a touch of poetry to the room.

Stickers to impose your style

Obviously the sticker is nowadays THE trend that it would be a shame to neglect. It allows you to decorate a water heater in a fun way: the sticker is in two words the master of customization. It's up to everyone to invent their style: romantic, humorous, glamorous, vintage or ultra-futuristic. More and more graphic designers, decorators and artists are offering original stickers. Some of them are specialized in textile design mainly reserved for furniture and interior decoration. All these creators have what it takes to meet the most quirky expectations. Whether in terms of colors or patterns, it is possible to make your water heater an absolutely unique decorative element, bordering on a work of art.

Create a cupboard reserved for the water heater

Most DIY enthusiasts can camouflage their kitchen or bathroom water heater behind a fully homemade cupboard like a formwork. This solution is economical, smart, and gives free rein to everyone's creativity. In an equipped kitchen, to maintain a certain homogeneity between the various elements, it is better to install a cupboard to be repainted in colors in perfect harmony with the surrounding atmosphere. Thus, the water heater will remain accessible while being as discreet as possible.

Exaggerate its presence

To better hide a water heater we can also play the card of exaggeration. It can then be used as a painter's palette where everyone will finally find a medium to express the dimension of their art. The more colorful the water heater, the more it will bring a decorative touch full of pep's to the room in which it is installed. By exaggerating its presence graphically, the water heater can become a decorative object in its own right. And in this case, the water heater is no longer hiding!