3 trends for tableware

3 trends for tableware

Even if today the aperitif dinner and the buffet take precedence over the conventional meal, the art of hospitality has not aged. We always privilege the pleasure of welcoming family and friends, colleagues and neighbors around the table and above all we like to take care of our decor. Tableware is no exception to the rule and is imbued with new trends. The colors multiply while the patterns resume service.

Glassware, big winner of the trend

This year, the dress code leaves no room for the lack of style. The dishes are put on their 31, sporting finesse and elegance without giving up a certain extravagance. From the plate to the glass, from the serving dish to the mug, the service has style! Glassware side, like Leonardo, Luminarc, or Mathilde and Pauline, the big brands play the luxury card. As for Diamax® by Cristal d'Arques, since its creation in 2010, it has never left the most refined tables, to which it brings exceptional brilliance. We love it for its ultimate transparency and its rock-solid solidity. Impossible to ignore that glass is one of the great symbols of French chic. The chalice in all its forms must be simple and refined to magnify an equally delicate beverage.

Porcelain becomes less wise

If porcelain remains one of the stars of the tableware, it dares the flashy colors and the patterns take on relief: peas, animals and hunting trophies, nature prints, graphic lines, there is something for everyone. Porcelain now meets all expectations and plays sometimes the partition of wisdom, sometimes that of anti-morosity fantasy. According to the creators, the porcelain resonates with a few designer notes for a chic atmosphere in tune with the times, from the starter to the dessert to finish the meal with a highlight. Breaking with tradition for a friendly break does not scare him: the porcelain service may or may not be mismatched. We can therefore associate baroque style with absolute romanticism, British print, Nordic style very fashionable and futuristic or refreshing graphics like that of the Laurent Meurgey collections.

Steel and slate: completely revisited

More trendy than ever, steel is installed on the most beautiful reception tables. Copper plays on contrasts with white, red and black. As for silverware, we love the creations of an absolute class by the architect Steven Ma. An attention to detail rarely seen for a marriage of the most daring of glass and money. The result is breathtaking. Steven Ma's Aperitivo collection is worthy of the most contemporary atmospheres. As for slate, which is still in trend, it allows you to break away from the sometimes too conventional side of classic dishes. Associated with the most refined porcelain, slate brings a touch of modernity.