Landscape advice: a country garden

Landscape advice: a country garden

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In the city as in the countryside, the "rustic chic" style is a sure bet for lovers of authenticity and those nostalgic for the gardens of yesteryear. Ideal for all those who need to disconnect from excessively hectic lives, the country garden invites you to reconnect with your sensations, to rediscover the rhythm of the seasons and rediscover the sense of simple gestures, such as putting flowers in a vase, picking a apple, harvest tomatoes or fetch eggs from the chicken coop…

How to arrange a bucolic garden?

Wood, zinc, wrought iron and rattan are the prediction materials for this type of garden: on the slightly raised wooden terrace, the sofa and the garden table were found in flea markets, as well as the old watering cans . The soft cushions match the painted wooden balustrade and the hues of the flowery meadow, made up of a mixture of blueberries, zinnias, cosmos, sunflowers, silenas and poppies. These country varieties attract butterflies and bees, do not hesitate to take beekeeping lessons and install a hive at the bottom of your garden to harvest your honey! In the center of the flowery meadow, two rosebushes offer blooming and fragrant roses that will create sumptuous bouquets. In the hedges, alternate hazelnut, charms, buddleias, hydrangeas, lilacs and grasses of all kinds. Indispensable in a country garden, the vegetable patch allows cultivating varieties of old tomatoes, yellow and white carrots, crosnes, Jerusalem artichokes, radishes, salads, squash or even red fruits. Happiness in the garden is at hand…

The gardener's advice

Long kept away from our gardens, the hen is making a comeback today. Most garden centers now offer collection hens and fully equipped chicken coops, and give lots of advice on adopting a hen.

The accessories

Chic rustic garden furniture Take advantage of flea markets and garage sales to find a rattan sofa, a zinc coffee table, an old wrought iron garden furniture or an old wooden bench that you will paint with the color of the balustrade.
Chicken coop Today there are many models of chicken coop sold commercially, which allow one or two chickens to be easily raised in his garden.


The flowery meadow Prefer ready-to-sow mixtures of seeds to sow, composed of varieties such as blueberries, poppies, zinnias, cosmos, silenes, euphorbia, lavatera ...
The hedge Hazelnut, buddleias, viburnums, hornbeam, Elaeagnus x ebbingei , hydrangeas, roses ...
Trees and shrubs Rose-stems, apple trees (or other fruit trees), lilacs, syringat ...


With its flowery meadow, its vegetable patch and its accessories found in garage sales, the country garden is accessible to all budgets. All our Style Lessons videos