Landscape advice: an exotic garden

Landscape advice: an exotic garden

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The ideal garden is one where you feel good and where you want to spend time to relax and unwind. For some, it looks like a little corner of tropical paradise with lush vegetation, which immediately gives the impression of having gone far, very far from everyday life… Fortunately, it is possible to transform your garden into a real exotic little jungle, provided you follow a few simple rules and choose the right plants for your climate.

How to arrange an exotic garden?

The main thing is to choose a very protected place (the city garden is ideal) and sunny. The soil should be well drained and should never be left bare: plant carpet plants or add a layer of gravel to protect the roots. It only remains to select and plant the tropical varieties capable of withstanding the metropolitan climate, whether you are in the South or North of the Loire ... The Chinese palm tree can withstand cold winters, for example, under a winter veil , but you can also safely plant a Trachycarpus wagnerianus . Some bananas are also enjoyed in our countries, such as Musa basjoo , surprisingly rustic (it can resist down to -12 ° C). Bamboos are also essential in an exotic garden: think of the varieties Phyllostachys aurea , with yellow stubble, and Phyllostachys nigra , with black stubble… Cut into cane, the Golden Caroline Catalpa (Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea') fits perfectly into an exotic garden, as do Aucuba japonica and the Canna indica , with bright flowers and foliage close to that of banana trees. Here, the purple ferns and heucheres are planted alternately in the beds and blue volubilis climb on the facade of the house ... A real change of scenery!

The gardener's advice

Exotic plants need heat to root well, so it's best to plant them in June-July so they have time to prepare for the cold winter weather.

The accessories

Garden Lounge Accentuate the tropical aspect of your garden with bamboo furniture and accessories.
A garden's hut A bamboo or light wood cabin will enhance the exotic look of your garden. In summer, it will be the ideal place to admire your little paradise in height, with the impression of going on vacation ...


plants bamboos Phyllostachys aurea and Phyllostachys nigra , ferns, heucheres, canna indica , convolvulus , hibiscus…
Trees and shrubs Chinese palm trees Trachycarpus fortunei , banana Musa basjoo , aralia , Catalpa bignonioides 'Aurea', Aucuba japonica


You should know that exotic plants often cost more than plants in our regions, prefer medium-sized plants, already well developed but not too large and remember to protect them well from the cold in winter with winter sails and a thick mulch… All our balcony, terrace and garden videos.


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