How to choose the fence of your garden?

How to choose the fence of your garden?

The key to choosing the fence of your garden is to think about the rendering. Imagine your garden in summer. Is it a calm expanse of green? Is it an explosion of colors and textures? Or an open buffet for all the animals in the neighborhood? In any case, this functional definition of your garden will help you determine the type of fence you need. There are all kinds of reasons why you may need - or want - a garden fence. Privacy, security and decoration are the most common reasons. You must therefore consider the reason for this purchase before making your choice. Find more articles on the theme: Quotation of exterior landscaping works

A need, a fence

Do you like spending time in your "secret garden"? You simply want to reserve a space for relaxation, leisure, separate from your workspace? In both cases, you need a full fence. These fences, or blackouts, generally tend to be tall and may or may not include a gate. But maybe you are tired of feeding all the animals in the neighborhood? In this case, you need a secure garden fence. A fence that protects you at ground level while discouraging climbing, and will preserve the treasures of your garden. For more security, it is better to choose one that includes a portal. And if you have created a garden that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics, a light, airy and decorative fence will be the ideal finishing touch because it will reveal its essence.

The height of the fence

Think about the height of your fence, because it is linked to its efficiency. If you are looking for privacy and security, choose a fence of at least 1.50 m. However, for a fence to remain decorative, it must not exceed 1 m.

What material for the fence?

Regarding the material of the fence, we generally try to match it with the other materials used in the garden. For a security fence, you can choose a metal fence, with wire mesh. It is the most economical and effective option against the intrusion of animals. It can then be adorned with climbing plants or other types of plants. Wood and PVC are perfect for a privacy fence. A wooden fence can be left natural or worked to give a more rustic appearance, while a PVC fence will have a more formal appearance. An aluminum or wrought iron fence is recommended for a decorative fence. Indeed, this type of fence is very decorative and allows you to have a more open view of your exterior.