Video: arrange a storage unit in a small space

Video: arrange a storage unit in a small space

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Are you running out of room and your stuff is piling up there? Would you like to finally find a solution for storing without losing living space? Pauline Levasseur, organizer of the daily newspaper, gives you her tips for successfully fitting out a storage unit in a small space.

Watch the video :

Prepare your layout

To arrange a space less than 30 cm wide and less than 40 cm deep, do not hesitate to use brackets and shelves. This storage solution is suitable not only for small spaces, but also for small budgets, since the material necessary to make the storage unit is very inexpensive. Before making the furniture, remember to measure each shelf. To do this, use a standard cardboard storage box. Once you have defined the height, drill holes in the wall and attach suitable dowels.

Install the layout

Once the measurements have been taken and the holes prepared, fix your brackets to the wall using a drill. Caution: do not tighten each screw at once, but proceed gradually for all the screws. When all the brackets are fixed, install your shelves. For a more aesthetic result, attach a heat-sealing strip to the sides of the shelves that are not covered. Finally, attach each shelf to the brackets. You can then either place the cardboard boxes on the shelves, or use each shelf in an open or decorative way. Thanks to Pauline Levasseur for her idea of ​​efficient and cheap storage! Watch the video Designing a small space: the storage unit on Produced byMinute Facile.