Should I turn off the water heater during an extended absence?

Should I turn off the water heater during an extended absence?

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Answer: no, but it is preferable for the environment and its bill.

The water heater consumes energy whether you are at home or not, if only to keep the water at the right temperature. Whether you use hot water or not does not count. If you have to be away for a long period of time, it is of course better for the environment as for your energy bill to turn off the water heater and turn it back on when you get home. You can even turn off the water heater for a simple weekend. But is it really useful? There is no "rule" to follow in this area, it is more a question of living comfort, purchasing power or ecological commitment. Do you need hot water as soon as you get home, or can you wait for the water heater to turn on? Our practical DIY videos


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