New Miele multifunction oven in the Prestige collection

New Miele multifunction oven in the Prestige collection

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In the new G6000 built-in appliance collection from Miele, I ask for the oven! A device as design as it is efficient since it offers more than 100 programs with new functions like the Hydracook or the drying program (not for your laundry but for your food, I can assure you). You will no longer have excuses for your burnt dishes.

Hydracook function: like in a hammam

Steam is injected into the oven cavity during cooking. By combining rotating heat and humidity, we obtain remarkable results on pastries, breads or cakes. This function can be used in automatic or manual mode (up to three sprays of water per cooking). Among the other - countless - functions, we can also cite the drying program for dehydrating food (the opportunity to cook your own dried tomatoes) or the Crisp function which allows you to crisp any pizza dough thanks to the diffusion of drier heat. In total more than 100 programs and functions available to control this multifunction oven with a temperature range from 30 to 300 ° C.

The M Touch control panel: like on a smartphone

If the possibilities are immense, Miele has taken special care in the accessibility and intuitive use of its oven thanks to the M Touch control panel. With its TFT (a technology used for some LCD screens) touch screen and in color, switching from one program to another is done by a simple touch. It is obviously possible to control the temperature and cooking times.
This new multifunction oven is equipped with a wireless thermoprobe, which facilitates cooking control, especially for meats. In terms of comfort, the user will be able to benefit from the Pyrofit innovation: the accessories being completely pyrolyzable, it is no longer necessary to remove them before starting the cleaning phase. Finally, this built-in oven from the prestige G6000 collection is available in the Havana Brown color, in addition to the traditional black and white colors. Miele wanted to provide a style response for kitchens in wood finish. Multifunction oven H 6860 BP, Miele, € 3,305.