Tutorial: sew an envelope-shaped pocket

Tutorial: sew an envelope-shaped pocket

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Marine, 22 year old Rochelaise, shares her creations and her favorites on her blog Moukita since 2013. Couture, beauty, graphics, cooking, her blog is a real melting pot of inspirations! Today, it is thanks to her talents as a cousette that she offers us a super tutorial: an envelope-shaped pouch, attractive and practical so as not to lose anything in her bag!


- two different fabrics - fleece - thread - a needle - pins - a press button - a hammer - an A3 sheet to trace the news: 739839 pattern


To start, download and print the pattern on an A3 sheet. Then… follow the tutorial!
To put a snap button, it's HYPER easy. Just bring a hammer and follow the instructions given on the leaflet. In two minutes it's done.


Add a black label inside the cover, this way it can be personalized ... Finally, a tip, you can brighten up your news: 739845 black fabric by decorating it with acrylic paint (yes, it is very well and it costs less than textile painting!).
Thanks to Marine for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your covers on our Facebook page, and find other ideas on our Pinterest!