We love the butterfly chair

We love the butterfly chair

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The origin of the butterfly chair

If the butterfly chair always has a small effect in our interiors, however it does not date from yesterday. Created in 1938, the Butterfly armchair is the work of architects and designers Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy, Juan Kurchan and Antonio Bonet who were inspired by the travel armchairs used in military bases to create the famous butterfly armchair.

At the base, this armchair is made of a tubular steel structure on which is fixed a real leather canvas. From its creation, the butterfly armchair met a real success and it even entered the permanent collection of MoMA in 1944.

A lasting success in the living room as in the garden

Practical, comfortable, with an original design, the success of the butterfly chair has never run out of steam and many brands have taken up this idea: the butterfly chair has quickly become a must-have, and this as well for interior decoration only in the gardens! Several brands (including Lafuma for example) have indeed bet on this concept to release a collection of foldable garden chairs and easy to carry as well as to maintain thanks to a protection against UV and the bad weather… not stupid!

For purists, the company AA-New Design is reissuing the original armchair today while remaining faithful to the model called "BKF" (the initials of the trio). The iconic combo that still works for a super trendy interior design? A butterfly armchair in brown leather or two arranged around a coffee table, and surmounted by a metallic suspension lamp. Simple, refined, but still formidably effective!

New models for all tastes

In major brands and furniture stores, the butterfly chair is now offering a new design with models that imitate cowhide (or other animals) for a rustic and mountain atmosphere or in aged leather for a more retro style "club chair" style.

But to satisfy the greatest number and offer the widest possible offer, the butterfly armchair is available today in almost all colors, all materials and all imaginable patterns: the models are almost endless in order to meet all styles! Brown butterfly armchair, glass, red, leather, cotton, velvet, rattan, fur, fabric, bi-material, printed, patterned, etc.: it is impossible not to find the butterfly armchair of your dreams so much the choice is overwhelming! Besides, even children have the right to their butterfly chair XS version.

How to find a cheap butterfly chair?

If you appreciate the chic and timeless design of the butterfly armchair, know that on average, for a "classic" armchair (namely: metal structure and real leather covering), it takes on average between 150 and 250 €. Of course, the higher the quality of the leather and materials in general, the higher the price of the butterfly chair…

Know all the same that it is possible to afford a cheap butterfly chair : to do this, choose models whose canvas is cotton or fabric rather than leather; some models of this kind are available from around sixty euros, and cotton offers a wide range of colors and prints perfect for energizing an interior decoration without leaving your wallet.