Mistakes to avoid with flax

Mistakes to avoid with flax

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Linen plays an important role in interior decoration, and is coming back to the forefront for our greatest pleasure. Noble, aesthetic, easy to live with, it can be enjoyed in the bedroom as well as in the living room, bathroom or kitchen. But it is not fashionable to associate it with certain atmospheres under penalty of giving rise to some undesirable hiccups. It is therefore better to avoid certain marriages which are very likely to break the inner harmony.

Mistake # 1: Mixing flax and fur

We will of course avoid incorporating cushions and fur rugs into a decor where linen predominates. Likewise, a multicolored silk plaid or a woolen or fleece throw blanket printed with ethnic patterns should not be combined with linen sheets or cushions. A cotton or flannel set would be more appropriate. In the field of interior decoration, the confrontation of styles is quite possible provided that you remain consistent and benefit from a good dose of subtlety.

Mistake N ° 2: Associating linen with metal

If you want to create a soft and natural atmosphere, by reserving a special place for linen, avoid incorporating metal elements into your decor, whether it be furniture, wall coverings or decorative objects. These are rather intended for workshop or loft style. Indeed, confronting the delicacy of linen with the harshness of metal would not be in the best taste. Reserve the linen in a warm space dedicated to rest.

Mistake N ° 3: Flax in a pop art decor

Those who are passionate about artistic and decorative objects that are a bit offbeat and who want to create a pop art atmosphere in their living room or bedroom risk going the wrong way in choosing cushions or linen bed linen. Because even if linen is absolutely timeless and adapts to many atmospheres, its natural aspect does not fit well into a pop rock ', pop art or art deco universe. On the other hand, linen finds its place in a more refined style, subtly wise, bright and with fairly melted tones.

Error N ° 4: Marry linen and yellow color

Yellow is a color to avoid with the linen color because this marriage is bland and unattractive. On the other hand, natural colors such as glossy brown, green, taupe, beige, sand or string create with linen and white a pretty harmony, both elegant and bright. It is quite possible to enhance the neutrality of the dominant beige with a few hints of red or orange or even blue to give personality to the whole room.

Mistake N ° 5: Design and linen style

It is not really advisable to integrate linen in an ultra design style where lacquered furniture flirts briskly with waxed concrete for example. Linen tends to evoke with a certain nostalgia a past period, the memory of a childhood home or vacation in the countryside. It suggests the cozy comfort of a warm bedroom or the pleasure of wrapping yourself in a delicately absorbent sheet when you get out of the bath. Cold materials are perfect in an urban or design universe. Faced with the softness of linen, they create an unrewarding contrast that risks serving rather than enhancing the decoration of a room. Let us not forget that non-harmony kills refinement. Our practical adult room videos