How to green a roof terrace?

How to green a roof terrace?

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Answer: the installation of a green roof terrace depends on the choice of plants, because the earth tanks can be of different sizes.

For flat or slightly inclined (less than 30 °) terraced roofs with a solid frame, greening is an aesthetic and ecological solution which improves the sound and thermal insulation of the habitat. However, this device is not sufficient in itself. The installation of the green roof requires the installation of ground carpets and rooted plants. Between this layer and the frame, you must first apply an intermediate layer to protect the wood against the risk of rotting (special tarpaulins, rot-proof wood tiles, etc.). Prefer plants adapted to the region and the climate, as well as the sunshine. Three types of plantations are available: intensive plantations welcome fruit trees in heavy containers up to 2 meters deep. Semi-extensive are less restrictive and often have automatic watering. Extensive plantations are not very thick (less than 15 centimeters), and consist of plants which do not require too much watering.

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