A decorative pencil holder for my office

A decorative pencil holder for my office

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We do not always think about it and yet the pencil holder is inseparable from the office. Often neglected, it can nevertheless act as a developer once it finds its place. In addition to being very useful for storing pens, scissors that we often tend to leave lying around, it is very decorative when it features original shapes or flamboyant colors. A quick overview of the different models to get.

Playful forms

Pot in the shape of a pencil sharpener, Rubik's Cube, car or even spring, there are a multitude of fun and original models to dare on your desk. Accompanied by other funny objects, it gives a unique style to your workspace, ideal for no longer reluctant to settle behind your desk. We also appreciate those who combine decoration and practical like a jar that mixes pencil storage and table mats to put down your hot cup of coffee without making a single stain.

Transparent but colored plastic

If you like simplicity, stay basic and opt for a transparent plastic jar ideal if you have beautiful pens to highlight. We also like the colorful models like purple or blu completely timeless or those that multiply the storage boxes. Pencils on one side, eraser on the other and no need to flip the whole jar to find what we are looking for.

Crumpled paper appearance

Editor's favorite for a crumpled paper porcelain pencil sharpener. We adopt it in white, if we want to fully play the image of a folded sheet of paper, or we dare a little more flashy colors like pink or green. Our practical decoration videos