What is a Provençal well?

What is a Provençal well?

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Answer: exactly the same as the Canadian well, only the name changes. It is used in hot regions, where the system only performs an air conditioning function.

There is really no difference between the operation of a Canadian well and that of a Provençal well. It is always a question of passing the air in pipes buried outside in order to heat or cool it using the temperature of the ground. The air is then blown into the home to provide heating or cooling. The Provençal well is ultimately only a normal Canadian well, but used only to cool the home and not heat it. Its appellation naturally refers to Provence, a region in the south of France, known for its sunshine. An amusing detail, the "Canadian well" has yet another name in Quebec. It is indeed known as the "French well" You too, send us your question brico