What type of radiant heater to choose?

What type of radiant heater to choose?

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What is a radiant radiator?

The radiant radiator, also known as radiant panel, is a type of electric heater which works thanks to resistors which emit heat on a metal plate protected by a perforated grid which allows the diffusion of heat by radiation. Hence the name of radiant radiator!

Very popular with individuals (and even businesses since radiant panels can heat large spaces), the radiant radiator is especially appreciated for its soft and uniform heat. In addition, its heating time is very fast, which makes it a perfect radiator to bring heat in a few minutes in a living room!

What are the different models of radiant heaters?

If you want choose a radiant heater for your home, you will have to choose between 4 different models: radiant heaters, infrared heaters, storage heaters and halogen heaters.

The radiant radiator is an electric heater that works on a simple principle: it heats the objects present in the room, which will, indirectly, return the heat around them and heat the ambient air. It offers homogeneous heat (the temperature is identical throughout the room, from floor to ceiling), and is highly prized by individuals because of its aesthetics. Indeed, the radiant radiator offers a wide range of models and colors: it is therefore a designer radiator that does not denote in a well decorated room!

The infrared heater is a radiant radiator which, like the radiant radiator, heats the objects and solid bodies present in a room, which will then reflect the heat and heat the ambient air. Depending on the length of the infrared spectrum, a distinction is made between the short-wave infrared radiator and the long-wave infrared radiator, which can heat larger spaces. If you are wondering which radiator to choose and you are looking for an efficient and economical product, do not hesitate: as electricity turns into infrared rays, there is zero loss of energy with this type of radiator. Thus, the infrared heater is very economical in the long term! In addition, infrared heaters are the most ecological and do not emit CO2. Cherry on the cake ? These radiators are available in almost all colors, all sizes, and all possible designs…

The storage heater is a radiator which, as its name suggests, accumulates heat during off-peak hours of the day thanks to a resistance, and releases it by radiation when the temperature starts to drop (thermostat system). It is a type of radiant radiator which diffuses a homogeneous and comfortable heat, and which also allows real savings on the electricity bill… Finally, obviously, if you have signed a off-peak / peak hours contract with your supplier of electricity! Note that due to its very large size, the storage heater is mainly used in businesses.

The halogen heater, which can be found in a fixed or auxiliary model, is an economical and easy-to-install radiant type radiator, which also provides rapid, gentle and uniform heat. However, the halogen heater consumes a lot of electricity, and the life of the bulb which allows it to diffuse heat is not the longest. Finally, its range is quite small: it is therefore more suitable for small spaces that should be warmed up quickly (such as a bathroom in winter for example).