Can I lay tiles on linoleum?

Can I lay tiles on linoleum?

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Answer: no, the linoleum must be removed to lay the tiles.

No, a flexible floor covering like linoleum is not suitable for laying tiles. You will have to remove it by hand using a cutter, or even an electric stripper. Once the linoleum has been removed, remember to scrape off the traces of glue left on the floor with a scraper. If the linoleum was stuck on cement or on old tiles, the installation of new tiles will be easier. It will suffice to plug the holes with plaster before gluing the tiles. If linoleum was laid on parquet, however, things get a little complicated. A professional will be required to inspect the parquet and determine if it is capable of supporting the weight of the tile. Otherwise, it will also be necessary to remove the parquet. You too, send us your brico question