Mistakes to avoid when decorating with stickers

Mistakes to avoid when decorating with stickers

The stickers have become essential decoration, but do you really know how to use them? From installation to decoration, we are revealing our decoration tips for using the stickers thanks to a few errors to avoid absolutely before you get started.

Do not be afraid to put your sticker

Do not panic ! Applying a sticker is not a difficult undertaking, you just need to have a little patience. Most of the time, you will have to remove a first film on the sticker in order to be able to apply the pattern on the wall. Be sure to think carefully about positioning before final application. Then, you will have to smooth the surface of the sticker using a squeegee (or a simple bank card), taking care to pass well in all places and avoiding air bubbles. Once the sticker has been transferred to your wall, you will need to carefully remove the last film in order to see the final result. Proceed gradually so as not to tear the sticker. When your model has small details or fine lines, you will have to be even more vigilant if you want your sticker to remain whole.

Don't bet only on the walls

The stickers are not only installed on the walls. On the contrary, they can allow you to personalize many surfaces in your interior. Think for example of customizing a piece of furniture to give it a decorative touch or why not stick one to the ceiling to give an original effect? Then, also know that there are special stickers for the floor and that they will thus resist many passages. You will also find models dedicated to windows. You can then choose a model whose motif will be visible on both sides or opt for a film with opaque patterns in order to protect yourself from prying eyes in an original way.

Don't forget your style

To choose the sticker that will decorate your interior, you should not call on chance. Indeed, it must be integrated in your decoration as well as possible and thus follow the general style of the room. So remember to stay in the same theme with stickers that represent flowers or plants for a natural interior for example. Also make sure that the chosen color also harmonizes with the rest of your interior. Many sites offer to personalize the sticker, leaving you the choice from a beautiful palette of colors. The sticker can then be a decorative reminder of one of the colors used in furniture or accessories.

With your sticker, don't see too small

The trend is for XXL stickers. So, prefer a single very large model rather than several scattered in your room. Do not hesitate to choose a pattern that will install on your entire wall like a work of art. You will find real trompe l'oeil decorations, abstract works or even quotes to make your walls speak. It's up to you to choose from the many possibilities available to you!