Athen and its philosophy of cleanliness

Athen and its philosophy of cleanliness

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If one were to put the finger on one of the innumerable differences between Antiquity and the modern world, one could for example quote the broom. Before he was only moving the dust, now he is able to vacuum it: the broom has become the broom vacuum cleaner. Hoover has just released a new range of stick vacuums called Athen, one of whose models is announced as the most powerful on the market.

Knowledge of words leads to knowledge of things (Plato)

The Hoover ATN300B is indeed endowed with a power of 30 V or rather should I say a voltage of 30 V because it is by informing me of the powers of the vacuum cleaners that I noticed their specificity. Generally, manufacturers provide information on the power of vacuum cleaners, ie Watts, except in the case of stick vacuums and hand vacuums, the power of which is indicated in volts. Why this difference? In fact, I don't know, I have always been zero in physics and so I think it will remain one of the great mysteries of the universe. The fact remains that this stick vacuum cleaner is the most powerful on the market, even if I have to put a little downside because there is always an exception that proves the rule and that Dyson stick vacuum cleaners have a power expressed in Watts . We will not get out of it and we will never know the end of the story.

You can count your sheep more easily than your friends (Socrates)

With its autonomy of up to 60 minutes (also announced as the longest autonomy on the market, which for once is false because the Electrolux Ultrapower offers the same characteristic), its bagless technology with 0.7 l tank and the programs adapted according to the type of soil, Athen is well equipped to recover all the sheep scattered in your interior.

The hand is the instrument of the instruments (Aristotle)

According to the brand, it is indicated that this range of vacuum cleaners does not have a charging station deemed bulky and dusty (I would rather agree) but that these stick vacuums would recharge like smartphones. We just regret that this range is not equipped with accessories such as squeegees, which is often the defect of this type of device. And this broom, whether it is a vacuum cleaner or not, always needs a hand to push it and that is quite a defect! To finish, I let you discover a demonstration video of the brand:

Hoover, Athen stick vacuum cleaners, between 149 and 199 € depending on the model