Fake fur more real than life!

Fake fur more real than life!

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For a successful winter decor, the essential of this winter remains the fake fur. Omnipresent in the decoration, the fake fur seduces by its softness and by its cozy aspect. Now, it becomes the favorite accessory to achieve a warm and friendly interior, while respecting nature.

Fake fur throughout the house

Faux fur becomes the essential element of your winter decoration. It is available in several decorative accessories: plaid, carpet, ottoman and cushions. She even dresses the lighting and the furniture for your comfort. Warm and friendly, it invites to sweetness and well-being. On the bed or the sofa, fake fur is everywhere to soften your daily life and enhance your cozy cocoon.

Choose your fake fur

The imitation of fur is more and more realistic and resembling. For a wild style, opt for animal fur reminiscent of the chocolate nuances of a bear, the light gray hairs of a wolf or the shades of white reminiscent of the coat of a polar bear. A natural appearance, a soft touch and shades more real than life, the faux fur surprises with its authenticity and realism. Thrown in light gray wolves, otters and mink, the cocooning textile has all the characteristics of an authentic and warm bestiary for fireside evenings, tinged with a semblance of realism.