Cutlery has fun with patterns

Cutlery has fun with patterns

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Spring is here, and with it, our desires for color and good humor too. To bring this good energy to the table, we do not hesitate to dare all kinds of fantasies and colors full of pep. For this, we choose a tablecloth and colorful napkins, but not only. Cutlery also has a say, and we can prove it! Full light on the cutlery that will brighten up your table during the summer season.

Peas still in the picture

Safe value in decoration, and this for already years, peas are also taking place. Black, gray or white, these are the rounds of sober colors that will make your table a chic and elegant place. For more whimsy and freshness, dare brighter shades like pink, purple or orange. You can also choose several colors and mix them on the table.

Funny fruits

Since the spring table lets us play with our wildest desires, we try without restraint rather unusual patterns but yet not inappropriate: fruits. Juicy strawberries, gourmet cherries, chewable apples, it's a pretty fruit salad that is made up on the table. Refreshing isn't it?

Tempered effect

Latest trend in date, wooden cutlery, half painted in a bright color like yellow or red, or in pastel shades like green, pink or blue. An effect dipped in paint that gives a nice result on your table when you receive people.