Riviera & Bar Virtuo Cooker Review

Riviera & Bar Virtuo Cooker Review

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Rousseau was convinced that "All men are born naturally good", I would tend to think the same thing about household appliances since I rubbed shoulders with them so intimately. Obviously an appliance is not designed to serve the community but to bring in money. However, for it to earn money, it still has to be sold and therefore meet a need. Indirectly, the household appliance product is therefore born naturally good. With one exception, however, when its main attraction is its low price, you can still start to be wary, especially when its competitors are well above. But why am I telling you this? Let's say it was the thought that came to me when I started using the Virtuo Cooker from Riviera & Bar, a multicooker that has served me every day since. It has 6 cooking modes: risotto, sear, rice / steam, soft simmer and high simmer. To admit everything, there is only one mode in my kitchen, that of rice / steam. I have already tested, as you know, other multicookers like the Cookeo or the Delicook and yet, although it is less "perfected", it is the one I prefer. In reality, I realize from the tests that so-called equivalent appliances can be totally different depending on how we cook. If I did not have culinary pleasure with the Cookeo for example because I had the impression of relying completely on the machine, the Virtuo Cooker knew how to convince me by its side must-that-you-m -aides-anyway.
I explain because I feel that all this is not very clear, at least for you. This appliance therefore has 6 cooking modes, there is no timer or temperature selector. So you only have 6 buttons for each mode accompanied by an on / off button. The cooking time is random, it is essentially a function of the liquid contained in the tank. If the appliance feels overheated, for example because there is no more liquid in the tank, it will switch off automatically or go into keep warm mode.

Cooking rice

Whether to cook rice or to steam vegetables and potatoes, the Virtuo Cooker has made my evening meals much easier. For cooking rice, I totally trusted the machine and respecting the doses indicated in the manual, I had no unpleasant surprises. The rice was perfect, whether American, Thai or even Japanese for sushi while I imagined the cooking of the latter quite delicate. For steam cooking, I trusted my instincts. For example, for potatoes, the instructions indicate that they should be sliced ​​when I wanted whole steamed potatoes. I took the risk of putting them as is, by adapting a sufficient amount of water. The result was also perfect but I still checked from time to time if everything was fine.
Since then I no longer need to check the cooking of my rice but above all I no longer do things hard. With the keep warm mode, I can calmly prepare my accompaniments before the shot of the bath-duty-disputes between brothers and sisters. It also frees up space on the hob because I'm the type to stress when there are three pots at the same time on the fire.

The delicate cooking of the risotto

The originality of the Virtuo Cooker is also to offer a risotto function which I obviously tested. My husband having lived a year in Italy, it was normally his privilege to prepare risotto at home (all excuses are good to take). He really masters it and when he prepares the risotto, I can tell you that it doesn't laugh! In the family, we are therefore used to an exceptional risotto, very creamy and tasty. I was therefore rather skeptical in using this mode which promised to make a perfect risotto without having to monitor it. Remember that for a successful risotto, it is necessary to integrate the broth as you go, while mixing so that the rice is well impregnated. With the risotto mode of the Virtuo Cooker, you integrate the broth at once. When tasting, the verdict is final, at least for me: it is not for me a real risotto, which is not surprising given the method of preparation which is more like pilaf rice. Unless you have a device capable of pouring broth as you go along and which has a paddle, for example, for continuous mixing, you cannot get a real risotto as I understand it. Forget this function if you are fussy about risotto.

The simmer function

There are two simmer functions, there is a high simmer for cooking for around 3-4 hours and a gentle simmer for cooking for 6-7 hours. Before knowing electric slow cookers, I had doubts about this way of preparing family dishes such as beef bourguignon. Today I am totally convinced by this type of device, especially when you are organized enough to launch your dish in the morning. There is nothing better than coming home in the evening, opening your door and smelling a good smell of a simmered dish while telling yourself that there is nothing more to do to prepare the evening dinner. And as usual, a video to show you all its features and a test of the rice function.

The positive points of the Virtuo cooker

The rice / steam function which works very well The pretty aesthetic object that can be left permanently on your work surface The warming mode The glass cover which allows you to check the smooth running The simplicity of use A large tank 4.5 l

The negatives of the Virtuo Cooker

The risotto function that did not convince me The elements that do not go in the dishwasher

The verdict

This device suits me, I feel like it was made for me. Its advantages (in particular the aesthetics and its rice / steam mode) largely compensate for its small faults (risotto function and no dishwasher). I also like the idea that it does not do everything for me and that it remains basic in its use, I know that it will not please everyone but in my case, I prefer a device of this type rather than a war machine that takes away my pleasure from cooking. Riviera & Bar, Virtuo Cooker, QD285A, € 159.99