How to size a heated floor?

How to size a heated floor?

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Answer: several parameters must be taken into account, in particular the flow temperature of the heating fluid and the drop in temperature in the mouth between the inlet and the outlet.

After having decided on the heat source and carrying out the thermal study (allowing to know the losses of the accommodation), it remains to size the underfloor heating. The very complex calculations to be carried out are not affordable by novices in the matter, the expertise of a professional is essential via the production of an estimate. The heating engineers themselves use computer programs to do this. Here are some important things, however. To size a heated floor, it is necessary to take into account a multitude of parameters such as the starting temperature of the heating fluid (not more than 40 ° C), the drop in temperature that there will be in the loop between the inlet and outlet (on average 8 ° C), the diameter of the tube required and the speed of circulation (between 0.75 and 1 meter per second), etc. You too, send us your brico question