Robot generation

Robot generation

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With the democratization of domestic robotics, it's a whole dream that is gradually becoming reality: automated machines are now helping us in daily tasks to make our lives easier! Whatever the field - personal assistance, household chores, fun activities - household robots are becoming more and more sophisticated and deserve to be given a place in our daily lives. Because by improving our comfort, by strengthening our security or our social ties, they demonstrate at all times their usefulness and the autonomy that they give us. Update on the latest innovations.

Assistance with autonomy and security

The personal services fair has just closed its doors: for 3 days, we were able to discover the latest innovations in the world of robotics. A spectacular leap forward has been made in recent years by scientists and engineers in the fields of home automation, remote assistance or household robotics. The first people to benefit are undoubtedly retirees, who sometimes live isolated from their families or gradually lose their autonomy. Faced with this observation, several brands have developed a remote assistance system to prevent emergency services in the event of a fall or smoke detection, while facilitating access to the home (automatic opening of shutters, switching on of lights, etc.). Another novelty in the security field: the surveillance robot-camera, which moves from one room to another in the event of an intrusion to ensure the safety of the home. A means which must still prove itself but whose technology does not leave indifferent!

Communication and social ties

If the humanoid robots have not yet invaded our houses - their cost remaining for the moment very high - they nevertheless continue their development. Far from the sci-fi fantasy of the super-robot who does the dishes, the conversation, and picks up the kids after school, humanoid robots are starting to take hold in public places. Thus the FURo robot is already put into service in certain shopping centers, salons or administrations in order to provide visitors with practical information and answer the most frequent questions. In the same line, Arriell is a humanoid robot designed as a logistical and intellectual assistant for the household: children can learn while having fun thanks to its fun education functions; it also serves as a memory aid (reminder of paying taxes or a doctor's appointment) and household help for the elderly or disabled.


If there is one area where the robot has become more democratic, it is comfort and domestic tasks! The stand-alone vacuum cleaner is a good example, as is the automatic window washer or robotic lawnmower. With finally affordable prices (an automatic vacuum cleaner costs between 200 and 300 €), these domestic robots quickly found their audience and continue to evolve regularly. Another innovation in this area, the interactive mirror, which under its classic appearance actually hides a concept of interactions allowing to consult the weather, watch video clips or even search for a restaurant in the neighborhood. When will the multitasking robot for the home?