Shopping list at low prices for a housewarming party

Shopping list at low prices for a housewarming party

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You are invited to a housewarming party and you don't want to arrive empty-handed. What's more normal ? But between us, it is not always easy to know what to offer to its host. Whether it's a first move or a move, here are a few useful gift ideas that are sure to please!

An unusual mug

Even if he or she (s) are already equipped for tea time, coffee breaks and breakfasts, a mug is always welcome. Especially since yours, because it is particularly beautiful and because it is personalized, is destined to become his favorite mug!

A cozy blanket

Curling up at home is probably the greatest winter pleasure there is. But without a blanket, this cocooning craze is not worth much. This is enough to inspire the gift for a loved one who we want to live warm in their new apartment. Rest assured, he should spend the next few days lounging on the bed or the sofa!

A scented candle

Perfumes have something personal. They evoke a season, a place, a state of mind, an atmosphere. But since it is a housewarming party, there is no question of offering a fragrance!

Instead, think of a scented candle chosen in the theme that you think most resembles it. Opt for fatty scents or candles with essential oils, for a candle that smells good for several hours. A timeless, chic and pretty idea.

A pretty vase

The flowers will be for another occasion. In the meantime, you can always offer what will enhance them: a pretty vase. Crumpled effect, bulb-shaped design, knitting trend, tinted porcelain, Art Deco inspiration, multiple containers, XXL format: there is no shortage of styles to find the model that will make a splash and will please your host!

A small appliance

Toaster, teapot, raclette machine or chocolate fondue: small household appliances have something to awaken our inspiration. Food addicts or gourmets will appreciate!

Do not hesitate to inquire upstream of housewarmingto friends or family to make sure you buy a useful appliance. It would be a shame to clutter your host's new apartment!

A poster of his city

Very trendy on Instagram, the city posters printed in the form of maps are a great gift idea for a housewarming party ! Some websites allow you to generate this type of poster, simply by entering the name of the city. You just have to choose the type of card (in color or in black and white, with more or less details, etc.). You can even personalize these posters by entering a specific date or precise GPS coordinates.

A green plant

A classic gift for a housewarming party, but which is always a pleasure. If your host appreciates plants, you can offer plants that require certain care, such as a pretty orchid or a bonsai.

If your host does not have a green thumb, a succulent or cacti will be excellent plants for his new apartment. Perfect for creating an urban jungle or simply bringing some greenery into its interior!

A decoration sign gift card

Ikea, Maisons du Monde, Alinéa… All the brands offer gift cards, to be credited with the amount you want. It's the least original gift idea in the world, but it has the merit of being very useful when you don't know what to offer. It is also a practical gift for a housewarming party a student or someone who wants to redecorate all their decoration!