Trend: grandma style is back in the house

Trend: grandma style is back in the house

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From February 7 to 10, 2013, the Rénover show set the tone for the major product trends for the year 2013. But not only since the show is also interested in major societal trends and has just highlighted the retro trend which is reflected by "grannies" or the granny style. Decryption.

What are "Mamiseries"?

It is a neologism which designates decoration in the manner of our grandmothers. This trend then brings together antique furniture, vintage decoration and accessories that look old-fashioned. In a few words, it is the advent of what we previously called "ugly", "old-fashioned" and "cheesy"! You will understand, it is at your grandmother's that you have to do your shopping to offer yourself floral wallpapers, a pendulum pendulum, a leatherette sofa and velvet cushions. And if your grandmother has moved on, don't panic because "grannies" are found by the thousands in flea markets and Emmaüs shops.

But why such a return?

In times of crisis, retro reassures: it's the famous "it was better before"! For François Bernard, one of Maison & Objet's trendsetters, the retro wave that affects us is above all linked to a need for quality. Indeed, we realize that our objects are programmed to be obsolete quickly in order to make the consumer society work. But this model eventually tires us and we want sustainability, which goes through old objects that were of better quality. On the other hand, the Martine Leherpeur consultancy points to the grandma style as an evolution of the boho style ("bourgeois bohemian"). Indeed, the bomos ("ugly bourgeois") would be a new tribe which seeks precisely not to blend into the mass of sores. They then adopt the grandma style where the old man is revered and kitsch an art of living. But beware, handling the ugly is not an easy thing because the goal will be to find harmony in this offbeat style in order to finally make it beautiful. In other words, the ugly becomes the beautiful!

Modern "miseries"

And as with each new societal trend, the creators adapt! So, it is not only in garage sales that we find objects that will be all the rage in your grandma style interior! Today's wallpaper is reinventing itself with loaded patterns, the trophies display a very kitsch canvas look, the formica is given a second youth and the armchairs are re-appropriating the velvet. In terms of materials, it is the revival of the carpet and noble and robust materials for furniture with solid wood for example. You will therefore be spoiled for choice to give a cheesy look to your interior by being very trendy. Note that if the new bomos offer the total granny look, you can simply bet on one or two offset pieces that will keep your interior in trend without doing too much!