Ideas at low prices to wake up the wall decor

Ideas at low prices to wake up the wall decor

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Want to give a boost to a wall that is too white, too wise, too monochrome? It's easy by choosing a few accessories small in size and price but great in style and decorative rendering. Small mine of ideas.

With empty decorative frames

Come on, we hunt around and we get some unused decorative frames. The goal: to divert them into unusual vertical decoration. As amazing as it may seem, by emptying them of all content (photo, image ... etc), it's easy to make a strong impression on the walls. The explanation lies between the fact that exposed, the frames take on another decorative dimension, but also that accumulated in mass, the latter increase tenfold in aesthetics. It's chic and original!

With paper

A few pages of an old book glued in bulk, wisely aligned music scores or carefully cut pages of magazines: this is how to take advantage of books other than by reading them and improvising in two steps, three movements, a wall decoration literary wise, trendy or fun version. It's up to everyone to choose the style that best suits them!

With a collection

Notice to collectors! Rather than keeping your precious finds buried, display them on the walls! Hats, cameras, vases, plates, hunting trophies, necklaces, vinyls and other trinkets ... Everything is allowed as long as you have many models to stage, whether they are fixed to the wall, hanging on coat hooks or posed on shelves.