What color to associate with plum?

What color to associate with plum?

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Question from Karine:

<< Bonjour, j'ai un canapé couleur prune et j'aimerais créer la déco du salon autour de cette couleur. Quelle couleur peut-on associer avec le prune ? Merci pour vos conseils. >>

Answer: play with shades of gray

Hello Karine, the plum color of your sofa is the basis of your decoration. The plum combines the beneficial energy of red, the soothing wisdom of blue and the shady mystery of deep hues. This color is a pledge of warmth and elegance. For a designer living room, you can combine aluminum, concrete gray or light gray. For a dynamic atmosphere, combine fuchsia and white and finally for an unusual atmosphere, plum can combine with black. Glamor effect guaranteed! You too, send us your decoration question