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. The very idea in the layout, was to blend the facade with the plant and create continuity with the driveway. The massif is composed of a Cypress of Provence and a Thuya Pyramidalis Aurea which give height. The Arbutus tree masks the foot of the stairs, while delimiting the entrance. The big shrubs, like the Lilacs, the evergreen Céanothe, the Eucalyptus, planted at the bottom, give volume while bringing a spreading of the blooms. - Cupressus Sempervirens Stricta - Cypress of Provence: Slender columnar port. Branches erect very close to the trunk. Fruit 4 cm in ovoid to globose cones, green, brown at maturity. Isolated or in group use. - Thuja Pyramidalis Aurea: Conifer in the form of a column with tight foliage, golden yellow in color. Average growth. Isolated use, rock garden, container. - Arbustus Unedo - Arbutus: Evergreen, dark green and toothed leaves. White or pink flowers in the shape of bells grouped in panicles. Orange-red fruit resembling a strawberry. Isolated use, free hedge, container. - Syringa Vulgaris Katherine Havemeyer - Lilac: Oval, dark green foliage Double purple flowering scented in spring. Isolated use, group, free hedge. - Céanothe Skylark- Persistent Céanothe: Dark green shiny foliage. Indigo blue flowering from April to July. Isolated use, hedge. - Eucalyptus Azura: Green-blue foliage, with whitish bark Flowering, umbrella of white flowers in summer. Isolated use, free hedge. In the composition, some plants are incorporated to give varied volumes. Photinia on stem takes little space, but brings a persistent red foliage. Some conical conifers, such as Thuya orientalis Semperaurea, the Cryptomeria Bandai Sugi keep color in winter, and their low growth does not invade the massif. - Photinia Red Robin ½ stem: Height of the stem 1m, diameter of the ball 1m for adult size. Persistent green foliage, shiny young red shoots. White flowers in panicles in May-June. Massive use, pots. - Cryptomeria japonica Bandai Sugi: Height 1.50m in 10 years, slow growth. Light green foliage, slightly coppery in winter. Use bin, rock garden. - Thuya orientalis Semperaurea: Conifer in the form of a large yellow column all year round. Slow growth. All floors, preferably fresh. Use rock garden, container, isolated. In order to finalize the massif at the edge of the alley and to interpose plants between the large shrubs, plants with small vegetations, creepers and dwarf conifers will be planted. All the work lies in not tightening them too much, creating ground movements, or bringing a few stones to highlight them. - Rosemary officinialis "Pointe du Raz" - Creeping rosemary: Sustained green leaves, persistent. Blue flowers in July. Use tank, insulated, low wall, slope. - Pinus mugo Mughus - Mountain pine: Grows very slowly. Bright green to dark green foliage. Use rock garden, pot. - Abelia grandiflora "Sunshine Day Dream": Oval, shiny, persistent foliage, dark green bordered with yellow. Flowering in pink bell in summer. Use hedge, isolated. - Hybrid spurge "Ascot Rainbow": Green leaves largely bordered with yellow, new red shoots. Flowering in the same color as the foliage. Massive use, pots. - Juniperus Squamata "Blue Star": Silvery blue foliage. Use rock garden and bin. - Chamaecyparis Minima Glauca: Dark green, slightly bluish foliage. Use rock garden, isolated. PEPINIERES L'ORME MONTFERRAT www.pepiniere-77.com L'Orme Montferrat RN4 77560 COURTACON Tel: 01 64 01 02 68 [email protected]

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. Exterior floor paint UNIKOSOL MONO : Unikalo brand paint, single component based on urethane alkyd resin in solvent phase, certified green zone Excell. Colors: RAL 7035 UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer www.unikalo.com To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. : Vegetable gravel obtained from recycled peach and apricot kernel fragments. A product "made in France", 100% natural and ecological 100% French, made in Ardèche from peach and apricot kernels recovered from the fruit processing industries of the Rhône valley. Unique vegetal gravel l (as opposed to conventional gravel of mineral origin) is an eco-material particularly well suited for the realization of landscaping that respects the environment. It is ecological because it comes from a renewable plant resource (it grows fruit every year), avoids the degradation of natural spaces and landscapes caused by quarries or gravel pits and participates in efforts to recycle agro-industry co-products -Food. Biogranulats can be used either in graveling living areas around the house, in public places, or in permanent mulching of plant beds. Healthy and natural product (no chemical additives in the manufacturing process), Biogranulats is extremely resistant (lifespan 15 years) even on areas subject to heavy traffic and, unlike mineral gravels, it does not disappear by progressive depression in the ground. Light, its implementation is very simple, without any heavy preparation of the space to be gravelled. Just place it on the bare ground previously weeded, and spread it with a rake. Biogranulats has shimmering hues ranging from light chocolate (when wet) to caramel (when dry). Stable, it is perfectly resistant to wind and runoff. Finally, it is "soft-touch", which is nice, even barefoot. As we recall in the signature of each of our emails, Biogranulats guarantees a result that is both very aesthetic, completely practical, extremely resistant, particularly original and completely ecological. BIOGRANULATS ® www.biogranulats.com


. Facade painting: DUCALE SILOXANE : Unikalo brand paint, matt based on acrylic and polysiloxane resins in aqueous phase. UNIKALO Building paint manufacturer www.unikalo.com To find our nearest showroom: [email protected] Tel. : Concerning the exterior insulation system ROCKWOOL ROCKFACADE :
• "The ROCKWOOL system implemented is exterior insulation in rock wool under ventilated cladding. The ROCKFACADE panel is mono-density and semi-rigid to adapt to all types of cladding frameworks. It is easy to install, non-combustible and offers excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. The system from the outside avoids thermal bridges and heat leaks, which saves energy. This technique also saves space in the living space in the house compared to interior insulation.
• The ROCKPANEL Lines panel completes and closes the system aesthetically. This exterior finishing siding in compressed rock wool is available in more than 1000 colors and is available in 4 ranges of finishes. It can be cut as easily as wood and offers exemplary resistance over time. Climbing is quick and easy to install.
• Rock wool is a natural insulator from a mineral: basalt stone. It is completely healthy, without any danger to health and benefits from the EUCEB classification. This material is certified and approved by external organizations (ACERMI, CSTB, etc.). You will find it in all forms: in panels, rolls, flakes in DIY stores. " ROCKWOOL ROCKPANEL, brand of the ROCKWOOL Group www.rockwool.fr 111, rue du château des rentiers - 75013 Paris Tel: 01 40 77 83 81 Fax: 01 40 77 80 76


. Aluminum custom-made glass door: The LOTUS model with optimal thermal, waterproofing, acoustic (eligible for airport zones) and safety performance will offer comfort and energy savings on a daily basis. A current style entrance door which by its composition in 3 leaves provides a great contribution of light in the house, while preserving the privacy of the occupants and comes to bring personality to the house and enhance the heritage property of the owners. The design of the handles brings the touch of personalization, like the interior and exterior color, for a remarkable entry! BEL'M French leader in the front door, for the construction and renovation of individual houses. Find all of our products on www.belm.fr The site was laid by our client ACOUSSUR Windows and Closings www.acoussur-fenetres.fr - 01 43 96 35 55


. Ref 405334: 16LED Recessed rectangular wall light Pre-wired and interconnectable (up to 1000W) / IP54: Ref 405335: Recessed Garden Spot (ground) 70W / RX7S / HID / 4000K (lamp Supplied) Integrated ballast / Pre wired and interconnectable (up to 1000W) / IP65: Ref 405487: male + female IP67 interconnection cable + 3M cable: Ref 405486: Power cable IP44 socket + IP67 / 5M female connector: Ref 405589: T / 1 connector Male connector + 2 Female connectors / IP67: EASYLIGHT CONCEPT www.europmarket.com


. 8 lighted planters made to receive plantings with soil. The emptying can be done through a tap located on one side. Therefore, all these products can be used indoors and outdoors without water flow problem. French manufacturers and all these products comply with CE IP55 Grand Pulic standards. SPHERE 01 www.sphere01.com


. OBIO environment installed "a new generation septic tank" a compact autonomous sanitation system, by Wastewater treatment plant, OBIO / Klaro for 4 to 8 people, because the Greuet family house has 6 bedrooms. This OBIO-Klaro sewage treatment plant can treat all of the house's wastewater, because it is not connected to the village's sewer system. OBIO / Klaro microstation is very compact, easy to handle and takes up very little space on the ground. What allowed to preserve their beautiful garden. OBIO environnement offers a whole range of compact autonomous sanitation solutions and services for your main residence; secondary; Gîtes; factories ; campsites etc… OBIO ENVIRONMENT www.obio-environnement.com [email protected] 621 allée des mésanges 77190 Dammarie les lys Tel: 01 64 79 14 22 / Fax 01 60 65 38 90