Are there solar generator sets?

Are there solar generator sets?

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Answer: of course, this is the principle of photovoltaic energy.

The principle is to use solar panels which transform the sun's radiation into electricity. There is no engine or alternator, unlike a conventional generator. The advantage is above all ecological. Photovoltaic energy production does not emit any greenhouse gases. The device is silent. However, it requires storing electricity when used at night. The solar generator is much less powerful, on the order of a kilowatt, than the conventional generator, which goes up to megawatts. The yield of a photovoltaic installation fluctuates between only 15 and 17%. For individuals, the solar panels are fixed on the roofs. They can also be fixed on mobile installations which follow the sun. In this case, the yield increases by about 30%. The solar generator is recommended for frequent start-ups during the day and outdoors. You too, send us your DIY question.