What colors to associate with my seaside decor?

What colors to associate with my seaside decor?

Fine sand, swimsuit, shellfish and crustaceans: no, this nice summer program is not far away. Besides, at home, the decor already sets the style seaside! The opportunity to draw up an inventory of colors to hoist when inspiration takes off. Top 5.

Blue and red for a marine atmosphere

Borrowed from the sailors' outfits, blue and red form the winning combination of traditional seaside style. Blue like the stripes on their polo shirts, red like the tassel on their berets. In the house, we deploy these two colors without limit, on the walls, the linen, the paintings and the decorative trinkets. A beautiful crew that we do not hesitate to structure with the legendary bayadère stripe. Long, wide and cross, it twists the marine allure of a certain graphics.

Coral for a summer atmosphere

Less common than blue and red: coral! This variant of orange snapped at the bottom of the ocean, is wonderfully illustrated in our summer decorations, "holiday" spirit. A real scuba diving excursion against the backdrop of shellfish prints or the funniest way to awaken the sleepy pep of the classic seaside style. A cushion, a carpet of bath linen or a plaid: all decorative objects claim their dose of vitamin C! And we, we ideally combine them with real dried corals purely decorative, and even trinkets inspired by the eponymous sea animal (a jewelry holder, "coral" candlesticks ... etc). Chic, right?

Electric blue for a punchy atmosphere

When it drops anchor in the decor, the big blue does not necessarily dress in a dark shade. More modern, more daring, more graphic, the tones of electric blues, indigo and azure are responsible for creating a contemporary and dynamic ocean mood as possible. A fresh and trendy look that is used in small touches (dishes, curtains, cushions) rather than a total look so as not to overload the decor, and that is ideally combined with white and white to enhance the chosen shade !

Multicolor for a tropical atmosphere

The beach party is now! By drawing inspiration from the tropics, you fill up on bright colors, without hesitating to mix them. Thus, around a wooden table, we install a red chair, a yellow chair, a blue chair, a green and a pink. And the "seaside" style looks like "beach and coconut palms"! A multicolored bias which does good to our summer desires and which responds to our travel desires before time ... Nevertheless, some basics are essential so as not to stray too far from the initial inspiration: materials natural (rope, woven rattan, wood ...) and a painting overlooking the sea!

White for a maximum Zen atmosphere

And finally, white in abundance! A return to traditions after the "red and blue" duo which soothes the houses bordering the open ocean. Here, only a few 100% natural elements stand out from the whiteness of the place to stand out better: a driftwood mirror, wicker storage, a gray paneled table ... As for the general atmosphere, it is done thanks to to this bias, intensely relaxing and maxi luminous…