My curtains go into summer mode

My curtains go into summer mode

June 21 kicks off the official summer! So to put the house in tune, we think to lighten the windows for a more summery note. We put away the dark curtains and opt for light and colorful models.

Summer materials

To switch to summer mode, you must change materials. Indeed, in winter we particularly appreciate the fairly thick curtains which allow the windows to be well insulated and give a feeling of cocooning. Conversely, summer is more conducive to light materials that do not retain heat. We can then afford linen, ideal for filtering light while keeping a feeling of lightness. In addition, the curtains are also in season because they allow you to take advantage of the sunlight and allow you a beautiful view of the garden.

The star patterns of summer

Summer is also a change of patterns! We dare without complex the bright and acid colors which offer a summery spirit to the decoration. And we do not deprive ourselves of patterns that are also very trendy this season. The stars of summer? Patterns that evoke nature with flowers and vegetation, but also ethnic patterns that evoke the sun and the colorful stripes that are timeless from summer to summer. You will of course choose your pattern according to the style you want to give to your room. Flowers will suit a country style and stripes will be more appropriate in a contemporary or even designer interior. And if you want a little originality, do not hesitate to mix two patterns!