What lighting to choose between halogen, LED and neon?

What lighting to choose between halogen, LED and neon?

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Answer: it will depend on the use of your bulb.

Compact fluorescent, halogen, LED ... It is sometimes difficult not to get lost in the jungle of new bulbs. The first question to ask is what will be the use of this lighting. A kitchen worktop will not be lit in the same way as a hallway or a bathroom. In rooms with frequent passage, the lighting must be immediate and strong. Halogen bulbs are therefore to be preferred. Their color is close to natural light and can be combined with a dimmer. In the bathroom or for supplemental lighting, compact fluorescent diffuses an ideal soft and brilliant light. They also allow energy savings of up to 80%. Latest technology on the market, LEDs. These bulbs are perfect for outdoor and point lighting (dressing room, stair steps, etc.). There are many different shapes and colors, which makes these bulbs models widely used for decoration. You too, send us your question brico video id = "0" /