Location of luminaires: mistakes to avoid

Location of luminaires: mistakes to avoid

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Having many lights is good, knowing how to place them in your interior is better. Luminaires only have advantages. They bring light and warmth. Lighting also has the power to enlarge a room, enhance furniture or change the colors of the decor. What are the mistakes to avoid with the location of the lights? Here are our tips.

Mistake # 1: Abusing halogens

Halogen lamps illuminate a lot, and that is why they do not have their place in all rooms of the house. In the dining room, they will be perfect since they provide ideal light during meals or during simple moments of relaxation. However, they are not recommended in the rooms. Halogen lamps can also be in the living room. Because the intensity of the light is variable, this type of luminaire adapts to our activity: watching television, reading or simply enjoying those close to us.

Mistake N ° 2: Place lampshades to match your decor

It is not always wise, in the same room, to want to combine the lampshades with its decoration. Indeed, the color or the material of a lampshade can have an impact on the luminosity brought by the luminaire. And the tone on tone is not always a success, especially if there are reasons! Dark shades should not be used as the main light in a room that requires light. On the other hand, they are appreciable in cozy rooms like the bedroom or the living room.

Mistake # 3: Not equipping the water rooms and the kitchen properly

The bathrooms, shower rooms and kitchen cannot receive all the fixtures. In these rooms where there are water points, it is imperative to secure the installations. Avoid plug-in lights, lamps and halogens. You should favor wall lights, spotlights or neon lights, provided you opt for contemporary models. In the rooms of water and the kitchen, choose luminaires specially designed for humid rooms. In the bathrooms as in the kitchen, it is necessary to bet on luminaries of strong intensity. In the kitchen, this judicious choice minimizes the risk of household incidents. In the shower rooms, a beautiful light will help Madame to make up and Monsieur to shave.

Mistake # 4: Put the same bulbs in all rooms

Now that all the lights are in the right place, you have to choose the right bulbs. In living rooms and water rooms, we opt for high intensity bulbs. It is the same for stairs, this will limit the risk of accidents. In passage rooms and bedrooms, it is possible to opt for light bulbs of moderate intensity. Vigilance is essential during purchases: indeed certain bulbs have a progressive lighting. This type of product is not ideal in all rooms. Finally, for safety and aesthetic reasons, you must choose bulbs of a size and intensity suitable for the luminaires.