What type of tiling is most suitable for a car garage?

What type of tiling is most suitable for a car garage?

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Answer: small, moisture-resistant and very strong tiles, like full-body porcelain stoneware or cement tiles.

To tile a car garage, choose a tile that is moisture resistant and very strong. While being easy to maintain, for a room that gets dirty quickly: tire marks, soil ... The most suitable is full-body porcelain stoneware tiles or cement tiles. Ceramics and earthenware are obviously not at all suitable. It is also important to choose, it is important, a moisture resistant glue to stick your tiles. You will find everything you need in large DIY stores, at very affordable prices. For a garage intended for vehicles, it is also recommended to choose a small size tiling, which will better withstand the repeated passages of the car, as well as its weight. You too, send us your decoration question

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