What type of screed should you choose to cover a heated floor?

What type of screed should you choose to cover a heated floor?

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Answer: the coating concrete is suitable for hydraulic heating floors, the grouting mortar is ideal for tiling and the anhydrite or cement fluid screed is the most efficient but the most expensive.

Three methods are possible for this operation. The first involves the coating concrete which is applied in floating slabs (at least 30 cm thick). Inexpensive and drawn with a rule, it smooths with a trowel and is particularly suitable for hydraulic underfloor heating. The second method involves the anhydrite or cement fluid screed. More expensive than the coating concrete, it ensures perfect flatness of the surface without effort. It is prepared in industry and delivered to the pump at home. The anhydrite fluid screed offers better performance and better conductivity than the cement screed. Finally last method, the sealing mortar (rarer) which is intended for the covering in tiling. Its thickness is less and it is posed like the coating concrete. You too, send us your decoration question Sanding a parquet Our practical DIY videos