Spring patchwork bedspreads

Spring patchwork bedspreads

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Patchwork, this ancient fabric known throughout the world, has not said its last word in our contemporary interiors. If we imagine it more over the bed to keep us warm in winter, know that it adapts to all seasons and that there are therefore spring models, perfect to install at this time. Desires for a traditional but no less decorative look? The patchwork is made for you!

Patchwork, for the record

The reclaimed style is more than ever in trend and that's good, because patchwork is a principle. The assembly of several pieces of fabric recovered in different colors and shapes gives rise to a new, very decorative textile. If we particularly like the grandma version with real pieces from here and there, we are not indifferent to contemporary models whose fabrics are carefully chosen to match perfectly. And above the bed, the patchwork finished convincing us!

How to use it in the bedroom

Whether in the bedroom of adults or that of children, patchwork has no trouble finding its place. It is of course adopted over the bed so that it is exposed to everyone's eyes and it takes care of the decor. But be careful to avoid the wrong note when choosing a seasonal model. For spring, we opt for pretty flowery models with fresh colors. Green, pink and beige or blue, taupe and linen, in short, pastel shades are welcome! You can choose models with pieces of liberty fabric…