Mistakes to avoid when storing in a child's room

Mistakes to avoid when storing in a child's room

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Like all parents, you would like your offspring to tidy up their room regularly and without having to ask for it and repeat it several times. For this, no quick fix, but some editorial advice to help you. A quick overview of the mistakes to avoid in your children's bedroom when it comes to storage.

Mistake to avoid number 1: place objects high

Depending on the size and age of your child, adapt the furniture in his room. A 7 year old child is quite capable of tidying up his room, but for that he must be given the means. An 11-year-old child must also be able to tidy up their space, but here again we adapt according to their size. A bookcase that is too high can, for example, be a real danger. When storing or catching an object at a height, he may climb onto a chair or climb on it. And there, the story quickly turns into drama if he were to hurt himself. We therefore avoid placing objects too high and we buy furniture that children can easily reach to avoid household accidents.

Mistake to Avoid # 2: Don't Teach Him to Tidy Up

Everyone has their own way of storing. You will not have the same sense of organization as your children but it is normal, it takes time and learning for this. In the meantime, they still understand that no longer a toy lying around means no more toy left, same for the notebooks that protrude or the clothes in a corner. We must make them responsible. Each piece of furniture must then play its role, so that the child can associate it with specific functions. The desk with drawers allows you to quickly store the notebooks that are lying around, the pot placed on top accommodates pens and pencils. For clothes, folded or hanging, they are in a cupboard or chest of drawers. The child quickly understands that everything has a place. Toys can, for example, slip quickly into a toy box or trunk. Be careful not to get your fingers caught in it. It is easy to put away while teaching your child how to do it.

Mistake to avoid number 3: invest in unsuitable furniture

Depending on their gender and age, a child does not have the same tastes. What pleased the big brother a few years ago, will surely not please your youngest, even if today she is the same age as him at the time. Pink or blue, pirate or robot, princess or adventurer, it is necessary to make according to the tastes of your toddler. You wouldn't appreciate it if someone decided to decorate your room for you, either. We take the opportunity to customize the storage: colored boxes, pots with the image of their heroes, fabric cases ... The storage becomes fun since it is accompanied by their favorite characters and it responds to their decoration requests. The result is there: everyone takes pleasure in tidying up their space, all in a good mood.