Video: Costume jewelry: creation of polymer bracelet

Video: Costume jewelry: creation of polymer bracelet

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The polymer clay makes it easy to make original costume jewelry. Maria, from La Petite Manufacture, explains how to create a trendy bracelet with polymer clay.

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Creation of the polymer clay bracelet

To create a polymer clay bracelet, start by cutting two elastic nylon threads slightly longer than the size of your wrist. Tie the end of each thread, then thread small beads on one of the threads. Then add one of your polymer clay pieces previously made, then thread small beads again. Alternate the threading of pieces of polymer clay and the same number of small beads. Do the same work on the second wire, introducing the wire into the second hole of the polymer clay beads and respecting the number of small beads.

Assemble your polymer clay bracelet

When all the beads are strung, assemble your polymer clay bracelet. To do this, cut the knot made at the beginning of the threading of the pearls and introduce a crushing pearl. Pass the second end of the wire, crush the metal bead using pliers and cut the excess nylon wire. Do the same with the second wire. With the help of Maria, get a bracelet made of polymer clay ideal to give life to all your outfits. Watch the video Costume jewelry: creation of polymer bracelet on Produced by Minute Facile.