50 euros for a design object

50 euros for a design object

If you love design but you can't afford the most extravagant pieces from designers, you will still be able to fall for certain creations at a lower price that do not lack style. Here are 5 design favorites for around 50 euros.

Juicy Salif

It is perhaps the most emblematic object of design! Signed Philippe Starck, the Juicy Salif juicer will accompany you for your morning juices but will above all be a real design sculpture to exhibit in the kitchen. And it will not fail to be talked about when you receive guests because the object is controversial. (59 euros)

Magis Puppy Children's Chair

No, this funny chair is not just for children! On the contrary, in your living room, it will add an arty touch and highlight your taste for playful design. For a refined decor, we will choose the white model but for a more pop atmosphere we will rather bet on the orange version. (54 euros)

Babell XXL by Koziol

When the table is not in use, it can become the theater of your love for design. We then offer the famous Babell by Koziol which will also play the role of design sculpture in the house. But beware, it will also be used for your aperitifs, snacks and other meals by adding a designer touch. (43 euros)

Beauty Leonardo Vase

For you, design is above all about purity of form and know-how. The Beauty vase by Leonardo is made for you. In its highest version, it becomes sculptural on a table, a piece of furniture or even directly on the floor. Whether or not it welcomes flowers, these design lines bet on perfection and beauty, as its name suggests. (45 euros)

Tam Tam stool

Far below the budget of 50 euros, the Tam Tam stool will not have less effect! On the contrary, a classic of pop design, it appears in the house to offer it a look that is both design and relaxed. Graphic and pop, we do not hesitate to multiply it to increase its design potential. (20 euros) Our practical decoration design videos